XY MIDIpad installation

Ben Crowe from Crimson Guitars has shared with us his video showing the XY MIDIpad installation process. The video will be useful for everyone who is thinking about transforming any guitar into kaoss guitar using AmpTone Lab kit. You can watch the video on YouTube: 
If you don’t feel like installing the XY MIDIpad in the guitar yourself, you can always write to Crimson Guitars and have them install it for you. You can be sure they will do it very professionaly, just like Ben did it on the video.


Connecting touch screen to XY MIDIpad and XY MIDIpad mini

Some of XY MIDIpad and XY MIDIpad mini owners have difficulties with inserting the touch screen ribbon to XY MIDIpad microcontroller. It’s a bit trickier than connecting other components (such as hold button, MIDI socket or encoder). This description applies to XY MIDIpad and XY MIDIpad mini.   Continue reading

XY MIDIpad or XY MIDIpad mini?

XY MIDIpad or XY MIDIpad mini?Since we introduced our latest product, XY MIDIpad mini, we’ve been getting many e-mails from clients asking which one of our MIDI controllers is the best for their Kaoss pad guitars. I’ll try to provide you with all the details needed to make this decision. Continue reading